Arabic Language Placement Exam

Placement without receiving credits:

For placement into a section of Arabic without receiving credits, please take the on-line Arabic Placement Exam. Or you can contact The Language Center directly. If you have studied abroad and would like to get credit for those courses in the Arabic program at GWU, please contact the Arabic Program Director, Prof. Esseesy.

Placement with receiving credits:

If you are seeking credit transfer for courses completed outside of GW (e.g., as a result of studying abroad), please contact the Arabic Program Director Prof. Esseesy to take a proctored EQUIVALENCY EXAM. That exam is given during the first two weeks of the semester in which students return to GW. Self-placement into a course without passing an equivalency exam will result in deregistration from the course at anytime of the semester.

The Language Center

The Language Center

The GW Language Center supports language teaching/learning and research at GW. It provides resources and services to ensure the highest caliber language teaching and inquiry for GWU students, faculty, departments, and programs.