Francesco L Sinatora

Francesco L. Sinatora

Assistant Professor of Arabic
Rome 651
Address: 801 22nd St NW
[email protected]

Francesco L. Sinatora holds an MA in Afro-Asiatic Studies (University of Pavia) and a Ph.D. in Arabic (Georgetown University). He specializes in Arabic sociolinguistics and Arabic pedagogy. His current research analyzes political discourse and identity on Syrian social media through the tools of online ethnography and multimodality. He has taught Modern Standard Arabic and Syrian Arabic in Jordan, the UK and the US. In his teaching practice, he combines the use of new technologies and social media with task-based methodology.


Francesco L. Sinatora's forthcoming publications include an article on language choice and identity on Syrian dissidents’ Facebook pages and a chapter on online ethnography and Arabic pedagogy in Handbook for Arabic Language Teaching in the 21st Century Volume II (Routledge 2017).