Minor in Arabic and Hebrew Languages and Cultures

Students choose Hebrew or Arabic as their primary language.

2 years of primary language or equivalent
1 year of secondary language or equivalent

ARAB 3001, ARAB 3301 ARAB 3302
HEBR 3001, HEBR 3301, HEBR 3302

Three courses from the following (at least one course must be in the student's focus area):
HEBR 3101 Modern Hebrew Literary Classics
HEBR 3102 Israeli Society and Culture: Literary Perspectives
HEBR 3103 Israeli Cinema (in English)
HEBR 3104W Gender and Sexuality in Israel
ARAB 3501 Arabic and Arab Identity
ARAB 3502 Arab Film and Culture in English

For questions about the Hebrew track contact Prof. Orian Zakai at [email protected]
For questions about the Arabic track contact Prof. Mohssen Esseesy [email protected]