Prof. Diane Harris Cline

Diane Cline
Associate Professor of History and Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Program Coordinator for Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies
Phillips Hall
801 22nd St NW
Washington, District Of Columbia 20052
[email protected]

Areas of Expertise

  • Ancient History

Diane Harris Cline is an associate professor of history at the George Washington University, and an ancient Greek historian and classical archaeologist. In her cross-disciplinary research, she is a pioneer in the digital humanities, applying social network analysis to study the social ties in ancient Greece. Cline is the author of two books, The Treasures of the Parthenon and Erechtheion (Oxford) and The Greeks: An Illustrated History (National Geographic). She is a two-time Fulbright Scholar and  has won two NEH awards for her research in Greece, where she also serves as an expert study leader for Smithsonian Journeys and National Geographic Expeditions. With a B.A. in classics from Stanford and Ph.D. in classical archaeology from Princeton, Cline has taught a wide range of courses on Greek and Roman history, archaeology, religion, mythology, literature, and culture. She has won teaching awards at GWU, including the Columbian Prize for teaching and mentoring advanced undergraduate students in 2017 and the Morton A. Bender award for Excellence in Teaching in 2018. For her research Cline was a Fellow in Hellenic Studies at the Harvard Center for Hellenic Studies in the fall of 2018, and in spring 2019 she was a Fulbright Scholar in Greece at the University of Crete, Rethymno.

For 2020-2021, she serves as the Classics coordinator. 


Ph.D., Classical Archaeology, Princeton University, 1991

M.A., Classical Archaeology, Princeton University, 1986

A.B., Classics, Stanford University, 1983


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"Six Degrees of Alexander: Social Network Analysis and Ancient History." Ancient History Bulletin 26.1-2 (2012): 59-70.

Classes Taught

HIST 2006: Digital History

CLAS 2106: Mythology of the Classical World

CLAS 2107: Greek and Roman Drama

HIST 2112/CLAS 2112: History of Greece: Early Aegean and Greece to 323 BC

CLAS 2114: Sport and Society in Ancient Greece

HIST 3111: Topics in Ancient History 

HIST 3115: Topics in Ancient Art and Archaeology

HIST/CLAS 3117: Alexander the Great