Arabic Placement Exam


  1. This exam is designed for the sole purpose as a placement tool for the students of George Washington University. Any other use for this exam is unauthorized; it may not be reproduced, copied, shared with others or utilized without the written permission of Professor Mohssen Esseesy. Students seeking to opt out of the foreign language requirement at GW or receiving credits for courses at levels beyond the ones specified in this test will be required to take a separate, proctored exam as well as an oral proficiency interview.
  2. Students taking this exam should follow these guidelines in order for the results to be valid:
    • Adhere to the terms of the Academic Integrity Policy set forth by the George Washington University.
    • Do not receive assistance from anyone else to answer any of the exam questions. This exam must be a reflection of your own performance in Arabic.
    • Do not consult any materials, including dictionaries or textbooks, or make use of any other pedagogical aids while taking this exam.
    • As you continue to answer the questions, if you progressively encounter significant difficulty this may be a sign that the language level you are working on is much higher than your actual level and therefore you should consider stopping rather than guess your way through the rest of the exam. (Please see item #4 for the consequences of placing oneself at levels higher or lower than actual true performance.)
  3. The GW Arabic Program and the Department of Classical and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations reserve the right to place students at higher or lower levels of language courses than the results of this exam may suggest, particularly when discrepancies between the student's exam results and actual in-class performance are discovered. Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to adhere to the terms of this exam so that your performance is a true reflection of your level in Arabic.
  4. If a student violates any of the instructions contained in this document, she or he may be removed from the language course for which she or he is registered, and neither the Arabic Program nor the department will be held responsible for securing a seat in any Arabic class after adjustment of language level is made. Moreover, any violations of academic integrity will be reported to the Office of Academic Integrity for further action.
  5. To interpret your exam results and convert them to course levels you need to consult the exam results table. To be placed in a given language level, you should have scored the number of the correct answers that falls within the range indicated next to the corresponding course and question numbers. For example, if you scored 10 correct answers out of the first 12 questions, you are eligible to register for ARAB 1002.

Scoring Exam Results

Course Corresponding Questions Number of Correct Answers
ARAB 1001 1-12 Fewer than 10 Correct
ARAB 1002 1-12 At Least 10 Correct
ARAB 2001 1-38 At least 34 Correct
ARAB 2002 1-52 At least 47 Correct
ARAB 3001 1-68 At least 63 Correct, Plus Oral Interview
ARAB 3301/3302 1-73 At least 70 Correct


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