Mohssen Esseesy

Prof. Mohssen Esseesy

Departmental Chair and Co-ordinator of the Arabic Program
Faculty: Full-Time
Address: Rome Hall
801 22nd St NW
Washington, DC,
Phone: 202-994-6179
Fax: 202-994-2156
[email protected]

Professor Mohssen Esseesy is currently both Chair of the Department and Co-ordinator of the Arabic Program. His scholarly activities include his book Grammaticalization of Arabic Prepositions and Subordinators, Brill 2010. Additionally he has published the articles (“Appositions”, “Grammaticalization”, “Reanalysis”, Semantic Bleaching”, and “Semantic Extension” in the first and only Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics published by Brill. He has presented numerous academic papers on Arabic and Semitic historical linguistics at annual meetings of the Middle East Studies Association of North America. He also served as a member of the Board of Reviewers of the Standards for Learning Arabic K-16 publication and as an elected member of the Executive Board of the American Association of Teachers of Arabic from 2003-2005. He has extensive experience in teaching Arabic at the university-level including past faculty appointments at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Georgetown University; and the University of Florida. Moreover, he developed innovative proficiency-based tests and curricula for several courses. He trains teaching faculty through pedagogical workshops and symposia. Professor Esseesy serves as a reviewer and referee for the Modern Language Journal. He received his B.A. from Cairo University; Post-graduate studies at Leiden University in the Netherlands; M.A. from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; and Ph.D. with Distinction from Georgetown University.


Contemporary Business Arabic, Georgetown University Press, forthcoming spring 2019,
"Typological features of grammaticalization in Semitic" In Grammaticalization and Typology, eds. Bernd Heine and Heiko Narrog, Oxford University Press, forthcoming October 2018
"Arabic for Specific Purposes: Problems and Potentials" in Handbook for Arabic Teaching Professionals in the 21st Century vol II, Routledge, 2018